The Soundtrack

Music, voices and noises in films

Music changes the audience's perspective, it puts you in a position to see things and experience emotions that weren't there before.  Werner Herzog


Someone once told me that music, or the absence of music, can make you see better.

I totally agree. John Carpenter

Sound and music make up 50% of the film show. George Lucas


Each edition of Castellinaria accompanies its visitors to discover the secret world of cinema.

This year's exhibition aims to be a sequel to last year, when we proposed, online, a journey into music for films.

When cinema was invented, it was immediately clear that it could not do without music, musical accompaniment was essential to help the audience focus on the story. Usually there was a pianist in the theatre, who was provided with suitable scores to accompany the different sequences.

Film techniques improve and very quickly cinema goes from silent movies to the talkies, stories become more complex and music turns from pure accompaniment to commentary. It helps understand increasingly complex moods, underlines the situation, strengthens it and adds emotion to the images.


In order to understand how music helps fully grasp the atmosphere of a film, we accompany you through a gallery of screens that show sequences of films that have made the "history" of music in cinema.



A soundtrack is not just music.

Inside the Espocentro, a recording studio will be set up with microphones, control booth, screen and everything needed to DUB ACTORS, ADD SOUND AND CREATE NOISES FOR A FILM.

The participating classes will be invited to work with professionals of the industry.



Experimenting dubbing techniques to understand in a fun and interactive way the process that allows you to give your voice to the characters.



A soundtrack can change the fate of a film; it has the ability to colour an image and transform it completely. It is a fundamental part of any film. During the workshop, the students will have the opportunity to take their first steps within this incredible world. After an introductory stage, several musical instruments and electronic equipment will be made available to the participants with the purpose of creating, together with the composer, a real original soundtrack to comment on the scene of a film.



The “noise maker” - technical name "foley artist" - is the person who reproduces the ambient sounds in films...

Heels walking on the floor, a glass of water spilling, the paws of a dog on the parquet, a window opening, a series of punches in the face. There are many sounds that a professional has to simulate to make the sound system of a film production more effective.

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