Voices: Toni Servillo, Virginie Efira, Raphaël Personnaz, Dominique Pinon, Nick Offerman

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A wolf pup enters the forests of the Yukon next to his mother with the perception that everything around him is in equal parts wonder and danger. When he is a bit grown up, the pup runs into an Indian chief, Gray Beaver, who recognizes in the mother the sled dog that had bravely helped him in the past and adopts her and her puppy, giving him the name of White Fang. From that moment, the little wolf (with a quarter dog's blood) will experience the world of men, so lovable with Gray Beaver and his tribe, as detestable with Smith, a delinquent who will teach submission to White Fang by using the stick in an attempt to turn him into a fighting dog. But his story will not end this way.

the director

Spanish-Luxembourger director, he received, together with co-director and producer Laurent Witz, the Academy Award for Best Animated Short with Mr.Hublot. He worked as chief animator for the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2009-2010) and for the films 9 (2009) and Tarzan (2013)


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