Romik Avinian, Ivan Franek, Zaal Karielachvili, Lala Sarkissian, Armen Maroutyan, Astrik Avaguian, Rouzana-Vite Mesropian


Post-soviet Armenia. Hamo is an ex officer of Red Army, sixty-year widower. He possesses a seven-dollar for military pension, an old armoir, a broken soviet television and his military suit. While he’s at the cemetery, sitting on his wife’s grave, Hanno meets Nina, a beautiful fifty-year-old widow. One day Hamo knows that in Yerevan there is a letter from his son in Paris. The villagers think the envelope must be filled with many dollars. But Hano’s thoughts are on the beautiful stranger from the cemetery. Arrived in Yerevan he’ll receive a surprise.

the filmmaker


Born in 1964 in Akkra, the Iraqi Kurdistan, Hiner Saleem is the son of a peshmerga. He flied to Syria, then he lived in Florence where he used to paint portraits. In Paris he started making movies and shot the first feature film Vive la mariée…et la libération du Kurdistan (1997), best screenplay at Festival of Angers. Before Vodka Lemon he has shot Passeurs de réves (2000) and the TV movie Absolitude (2001).

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