Michael Bully Herbig
Italian version
Edition 2015


A long time ago, way back in 1059 to be precise, a fearless seafaring people inhabited the coastal regions of Norway and Sweden: the Vikings. One of them is Vicky the Viking, the only son of Halvar, the fearless chief of the village of Flake. Vicky has red hair and is small in stature due to his age. He is alert and sometimes gets frightened, but he is full of ideas. One day Vicky accompanies his father and the bravest men in the village on an important journey. Halvar would like his son to be just like him: strong, quarrelsome and ready to sack and destroy other villages at the head of his band of violent, filthy blockheads. But Vicky is different and prefers to fight with brains instead of brawn, and rather than getting into trouble, Vicky finds ways out of it. When he finds the solution he rubs his nose and releases millions of little stars. On this occasion he will help his ferocious father to find the other children from the village who have been kidnapped by their arch-enemy Sven the Terrible. Will Vicky manage to make his father accept him?  Inspired by the tales of Swedish author Runer Jonsson, Vicky the Viking - The Film is true to the televised cartoon.

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