Kim Mordaunt
Australia, Laos, Thailand
o.v. Lao
sbt. Italian/English
Swiss premiere




1st-3rd grades middle school


Scheda didattica

The Rocket

Good-natured Ahlo has no idea of the tragic circumstances that surrounded his birth. His childhood seems to be ill-fated: when his family has to leave their village to make way for a dam, a terrible accident follows. Together with his father and grandmother, he is sent to a camp where he incurs the wrath of the other camp-dwellers. They soon make up their mind that Ahlo is cursed and brings bad luck. His only friend is Kia, who lives with her uncle Purple and knows all too well what it’s like to be an outcast. The group’s search for a new home leads them through the Laotian outback. Here, they come across a rocket festival that holds an entire village on tenterhooks. At last, Ahlo sees a chance to prove he is lucky rather than cursed and he takes part in the dangerous competition. Will he win overcoming ignorance and superstition?

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