Sander Burger
The Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg
o.v. Dutch
sbt. Italian
Castello di Bronzo


Tuesday21November11202314:00Mercato Coperto, Giubiasco


2 grade-4 grade middle school


Pressbook – Totem
Scheda didattica – Totem

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Ama lives in Rotterdam with her mother, father, and a younger brother, and feels fully Dutch. The family's origins are Senegalese and the father, who has a job, is not in compliance with immigration laws. When her mother and brother are arrested to be deported and her father seems to have disappeared, Ama sets out to find him, hoping to avoid deportation. In addition to finding solidarity from the distance by a classmate, the son of a police officer, she will have the company of a totem or imaginary friend: a huge porcupine.

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