Tamás Mészáros, Szabolcs Csizmadia, Attila Zsilák, Péter Müller


Autobiographically inspired, the film deals with events occurring in the early sixties in an institute that takes in poor children, survivors of family tragedies or the offspring of people arrested after the revolution in 1956. This concentration camp-like universe is humiliating and cruel. Áron, the young protagonist, has to cope with the bullying of some of his companions and above all that of a professor feared by all of the children, who censors their letters and tries to prevent any manifestation of free thinking. The boy finds a bit of fellowship in another teacher who is crazy about astronomy. But the situation worsens and there seems to be no way out.

the filmmaker


Born in Szeged, Hungary, in 1952, after graduating from Debrecen University with a degree in Cultural Studies and Library Science Arpàd Sopsits worked at the philosophy institute of the Budapest Medical University before graduating from the Academy of Theatre and Film in 1980. After directing two short films - Free Bomb Crater (1978) and Grand Café Niagara (1980) – he made his feature debut in 1990 with Shooting Gallery, shown at the Montreal World Film Festival. He has since directed Video Blues (1992), Leading Man (1996), Fly Trap (1998) and Abandoned (2001).

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