Mark Osborne
o.v. English
sbt. Italian
Edition 2015
Pressbook-Il piccolo Principe
scheda valutazione 6-15
SD_Il piccolo Principe


In order to gain admission to the prestigious Académie Werth, the little girl and her mother move to a new house. The little girl's (serious and adult before her time) holidays studying are marked by a strict schedule imposed by her mother, but this is torn up by the Aviator, a neighbour who is as eccentric as he is generous. With him the little girl discovers an extraordinary world in which anything is possible. Beginning with the tale the Aviator tells her of a Little Prince he met in the desert, the little girl finds her true dimension once again through the tales of the Little Prince's encounters with the Fox, the Rose, the Snake, the Vain Man and the Businessman. She will thus come to understand that it is only possible to see properly with the heart, and the essential is invisible to the eyes.

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