Diana Amft, Benno Fürmann, Reiner Schöne

Scheda didattica


Moritz loves soccer, and the sport club SV Hulstorf that his father trained in is his home. It was hard when his parents separated and he and his somewhat cranky “no idea about football” mother have to move to his fierce Grandpa Rudi. Rudi lives in exactly the same city as the arrogant and wealthy Mark, the star of the local club VfB Eichstädt, who fights against Moritz right from the start. Moritz finds new friends in passio­nate street kickers, the brothers Mehmet and Enes, Niko, the somewhat strange Alex and of course Catrina, Mark’s sassy si­ster, who has a ballerina’s career. Gradually Grandpa Rudi unbends. When the vicious kickers decide to get together at the old club “Sportfreunde Blau-Gelb”, they find out that their new coach Rudi formerly played there himself and was an excellent footballer.

The filmmaker


After writing scripts and directing films for adults, The Devil’s Kickers is his first film for kids. Right now he is working on a sequel to it.

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