M Manikandan
o.v. Tamil
overvoice Italian
Première suisse
Edition 2015
scheda valutazione 6-15
SD_The Crow's Egg


When a big brother asks his little brother what he is called, he answers: “Little Crow's Egg, you are Big Crow's Egg”. Jumping around the shack where they live, in India, the two brothers repeat this gag with enjoyment, annoying their mother and making their toothless grandmother grin with amusement. Climbing trees to nourish themselves with crow's eggs is their favourite game, as well as a way to get some protein more cheaply than common hen's eggs. The unexpected arrival of two television sets suddenly alters their point of view: the pair find themselves with a paltry plate of rice for lunch, but with a remote control each. Their fascination for the splendid and inaccessible world set in motion by the images on TV culminates in the opening of a pizzeria on the road adjacent to their shantytown. The possibility to try this pizza becomes the brothers' greatest ambition: saving, making friends "who count", buying new clothes: this is the price to pay for obtaining the privilege of trying that new and costly western dish which is not possible to cook at home, because "real pizza is stringy".

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