In a den in the fells a polar bear gives birth to a cub, but the cub is stillborn. The polar bear is griefstricken and lies down on the ice to die. Her mate steals a baby from a family and the little boy is raised by the couple of bears, learning all the skills a bear requires. But the woman who lost her baby boy grieves deeply and her husband vows to return him to her.

the filmmaker


Born in Næstved, Denmark, Jannik Hastrup started out as a musician. Now an experienced animator, he qualified at the Bent Barford’s animation studio. During the 60’s and 70’s he produced and directed around 60 films which include The Wishbone (1972) and cartoon tv-series as Les  Esclaves  (1977-1980). Since 1982 he has concentrated his work on the making of features films; his first being the award-winning Samson and Sally. At the Chicago Festival in 1987 he won the prize for best feature film for Subway to Paradise and three years later was rewarded at Cannes Junior for War of the birds. He also teaches animation in Berlin, Mozambico and Nicaragua.

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