Jeroen Jaspaert
Great Britain
Italian version


Monday18November11201914:00Cinema ForumCOMPLETO
Monday18November11201914:00Cinema Lux art house, Massagno
Monday18November11201914:00Cinema Teatro Chiasso
Tuesday19November11201914:00Cinema ForumCOMPLETO
Thursday21November11201909:15Cinema Leventina Airolo
Thursday21November11201914:00Cinema ForumCOMPLETO
Thursday21November11201914:00Teatro Lamone
Thursday21November11201914:30Cinema Leventina Airolo
Friday22November11201909:30Cinema Plaza Mendrisio
Friday22November11201913:45Cinema Teatro Blenio


1 - 2 grade primary school


Scheda didattica - Bastoncino
Scheda didattica - Bastoncino


Stick Man lives happily in a tree trunk with his wife and three children. But one day he is mistaken for a little stick of wood and has to face bad adventures that drive him further and further away from his home. He also runs the risk of being burned in a fireplace. But when, on Christmas Eve, everything seems lost, a friend unexpectedly arrives and brings him back home to his family.
The story makes us understand how important it is to respect the other and avoid imposing one's own selfish choices.

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