Tihana Lazović, Goran Marković

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The High Sun shines a light on three love stories, set in three consecutive decades, in two neighbouring Balkan villages with a long history of inter-ethnic hatred. In the first story, set in 1991, a romantic attraction is forced underground when love becomes a forbidden luxury in the pre-war atmosphere of madness, confusion and fear. In the second story, set in 2001, the war is over but the lovers find it impossible to turn their infatuation into an ongoing relationship: the scars of the war are still too fresh and cannot heal that easily.The third story takes place in 2011, when love can finally take root, if the lovers can break free of the past. Evil and suspicion have not completely vanished from their lives and catharsis is not easy to achieve, but it is possible once again.

The director


Dalibor Matanić was born in Zagreb in 1975. He holds a degree in Film and Television Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He made his award-winning feature debut The Cashier Wants to go to the Seaside in 2000, based on his own screenplay. His second feature, Fine Dead Girls, won the Grand Prix, Audience Award and Critics’ Award at the national film festival in 2002. Other features include 100 Minutes of Glory (2005); Kino Lika (2008), Mother of Asphalt (2010), and Daddy and Handymen (2013). One of his most successful works is his short entitled Tulum/Party, that premiered at Cannes Film Festival, Critic’s Week in 2009 and later won 18 film awards at national and international festivals. In 2015, Zvizdan (The High Sun) was awarded the Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival 2015, program Un Certain Regard.

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