Mishel Manoku, Xhevdet Feri, Lavinia Guglielman, Anna Ferruzzo, Serena Brugnolo


Saimir is sixteen, Albanian and lives behind a window overlooking the sea in Ostia. His nights are long, as infinite as the number of clandestine immigrants arriving on the Lazio shore, whom his father “places” with smallscale farmers in the zone. Saimir is above all an adolescent living an extraordinary time of life within an equally extraordinary reality and condition: that of immigration and marginalization. Saimir is an outsider twice over: to parental values and to the values shared by his Italian peers. In the transition to adulthood, like any other kid his age Saimir strives for independence from his father, from Edmond, disoriented and resigned to a miserable existence he calls his “fate”.

the filmmaker


Francesco Munzi was born in Rome in 1969. He received a degree in political science from La Sapienza University in 1988 and a diploma in film direction from the Experimental Cinema Center. Saimir is his first film.

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