Pitching Lab

19 and 20 November 2020

“Work on the content of your story and learn to make a great pitch of your film!”

A two days workshop for feature films projects at an early stage of developpement led by two great tutors: the Italian director and screenwriter Antonio Piazza, with whom we already collaborated last year, and the internationally known script consultant and tutor Franz Rodenkirchen.
Also, this year we will select the film projects of 5 directors among the participants of Castellincorto and other international directors interested in submitting their project to us for selection.
The workshop will be held on 19th and 20th November. On the first day the directors will work with the tutors on the content of their story and pitch, in common sessions and one-to-one meetings. The workshop will end with a pitching session the following day in the pre­sence of international film professionals.



ANTONIO PIAZZA - Italy                 FRANZ RODENKIRCHEN - Berlin

Antonio Piazza is a Sicilian writer-director, known for his filmmaking duo with Fabio Grassadonia. They co-wrote and co-directed the feature films Salvo (2013) and Sicilian Ghost Story (2017). Both their films were presented at the Critics’ Week of the Cannes Film Festival and received several Italian and international awards, securing theatrical distribution all over the world. Antonio works often also as script consultant and he has collaborated with a few European workshops, such as Locarno Open Doors, Cannes Critics’ Week Next Step, Nisi Masa ESP.


Franz Rodenkirchen is a Berlin-based, internationally working script consultant and tutor. With Françoise von Roy, he runs “Script Circle”, a bi-monthly script developement workshop in Berlin and the script consulting workshop “Six Days of Practice” for film professionals. Apart from individual script consultations, he works as a tutor for TorinoFilmLab, the Script Station of Berlinale Talents, CineLink Sarajevo, SEAFIC, dffb Berlin. In the past 20 years, he has worked on many independent film projects from all over the world.



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The Authors






JENNA HASSE – Switzerland/Portugal


The Experts


CARLO CRESTO-DINA – Tempesta film, Italy

OLGA LAMONTANARA – European Short Pitch, Italy

HÉDI ZARDI – Luxbox, France

EDYTA JANCZAK HIRIART – Kometa Films, France


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