Federico López, Valentina Cifuentes, Arbey Quintero, Nora Mesa y Bernardo Arcila, Álvaro García, Héctor García

PRESSBOOK - herosteps
Scheda di valutazione 6-15


Colombia. Eduardo is a ten year old kid with a great deal of courage and passion for soccer, whose handicap, due to a war landmine, won't stop him from fulfilling his dream of playing soccer as he used to before the accident. This will take him on an adventure along with his friends and his first love, Valentina, to bring down the obstacles that stand on their way to be able to participate in the town's children soccer tournament. As this must happen without them being discovered, all this comes amid a good deal of secrecy, laughs and resourcefulness on the part of the children.

the director

He has contributed to the making of such films as Lo azul del cielo (2012) and City of Dead Men (2014). Pasos de heroe is his first feature film.

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