Once upon a time, in a village called Villa­ge there was a horse named Horse who lived with a cowboy named Cowboy and an Indian named Indian.
Cow­boy and Indian (who’ve kept their American accents even in the dubbed version) live with Horse and are the family’s mischief-makers. For Horse’s birthday they give him a do-it-yourself barbecue (absurd because the horse eats only hay). But they make a mistake in ordering the bricks for it (50 million instead of 50). This incident leads to a nonsensical odyssey through the center of the earth, the North Pole and the seas, always full of the comical, surreal and grotesque.
The two directors/magicians of the animation began their story by buying at a flea market three vintage plastic statuettes – a cowboy, and Indian and a horse – and, instead of putting them into a John Wayne-type western, they catapulted them into a four-person village (a mailman, a policeman, a farmer and his wife) living amongst tractors, sheep and cows.

The filmmakers


Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar gra­dua­ted cum laude from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels in Brussels in 1991, in the animation course. The two Belgian directors are best known under the pseudonym Pic Pic, referring to the characters in their first success, a 2D animation that featured the adventures of the magic pig Pic Pic and André the horse.

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