Deniz Gamze Ergüven
o.v. Turkish
sbt. French/Italian
Edition 2015
Scheda valutazione 16-20


In a Turkish coastal village, young Lale and her older sisters Nur, Ece, Selma and Sonay celebrate the end of the school year, even though the young girl is sad because her favourite teacher is going to work in Istanbul the following year. The sisters go to the beach with a group of male students where they play, fully clothed, fighting in the water while riding piggyback on the boys' shoulders. The news of the ‘scandal’ immediately reaches their grandmother who responds by punishing them, but the harshest punishment comes from their uncle (their parents are dead), who decides to ground them so that they are not able to cause any more scandals. To settle the matter definitively, he begins looking for possible suitors for arranged marriages which will restore the family's honour.

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