With the Movies Across The Universe initiative, we are happy to invite Ukrainian children, their families, classmates and teachers to the cinema.

A 45-minute journey to discover the protagonists of ten animated films, from the Border Crossing Children's Film Festival, who play, dream, argue, but then together find solutions and learn to cope with life in its colourful diversity. Their stories will transport you to a world of sounds and images where you don't need words to understand each other.
And at the end of the screening you are all invited for a snack.


Wednesday 18 May - 15.00 - cinema Lux art house, Massagno
Wednesday 25 May - 14.30 - PalaCinema, Locarno
Wednesday 1 June - 15.00 - cinema Multisala Teatro, Mendrisio


Free admission

In collaboration with Fantoche, Baden – Lux art house, Massagno – PalaCinema, Locarno – Cinema Multisala Teatro, Mendrisio – cinecultura – Salvioni arti grafiche, Bellinzona – Repubblica e Cantone Ticino –Restaurant Marché, Bellinzona Sud
whom we sincerely thank.

"What difference can one man make in all this madness?"

That's what Sergeant Welsh played by Sean Penn wondered in Terrence Malik's The Thin Red Line.

In Europe, after 72 years of peace, we are back to asking that question.

Paraphrasing that question, one might say, "What difference can a film festival like Castellinaria make?"

That's what we've been asking ourselves these days.

Solidarity with the Ukrainian people can be demonstrated in many ways.

The most coherent one for a festival like ours, which is aimed at young people, is to continue to promote encounters and not clashes between cultures, to present works that do not rhetorically invite peace but that make us understand what wars have meant in Europe in the last century.

We have always done so and we will continue to do so with, if possible, even greater vigor. With the awareness that the Seventh Art, if it cannot turn off the missiles, it can, however, keep consciences alive.


Castellinaria's team

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