… A soldier came marching along the highway: one, two! One, two! He had his knapsack on his back and a sword at his side, for he had been to war and now he was on his way home. Then he met an old witch on the highway. She was hideous, and her lower lip hung right down to her chest. She said, “Good evening, soldier! My, what a pretty sword and a big knapsack you have! You're a real soldier! Now you shall have as much money as you'd like to have!”…

The first Danish animated film ever made, perfectly true to Andersen's fairytale. Shopkeeper Allan Johnsen initiated the project in 1943, investing his own and his partners' money to celebrate Denmark's greatest writer. The film was printed by Agfacolor's workshops in Berlin right in the middle of the war. It is said that Johnsen managed to grab the negative of the film and take the last train out of the city just as the Russians were coming into Berlin.

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