La Città delle cose dimenticate

From the dream of Massimiliano Frezzato, illustrator and cartoonist, comes the story and the book "La Città delle cose dimenticate" (The City of Forgotten Things).

From the meeting with the director Francesco Filippi, comes the film of the same name.

From the collaboration with Marco Lucchetti Art Gallery in Lugano, the exhibition was born.


From Sunday 14 November 2021, Massimiliano Frezzato's work will be on display at the Marco Lucchetti Art Gallery, in via Cattedrale 3, Lugano.


The animated film will be presented at Castellinaria on Sunday evening 14 November 2021, at the Espocentro in Bellinzona.


Alongside the exhibition and screening of the film, Massimiliano Frezzato and Francesco Filippi will hold a masterclass, for the first time together, during which they will talk about their different professional backgrounds, how they met and how they collaborated on the film La Città delle cose dimenticate.


When: Monday 15 November at 5 p.m.

Where: Aula Magna of the Bellinzona School of Commerce.


To take part in the masterclass, write to:



Massimiliano Frezzato                                                Francesco Filippi                                                  

Massimiliano Frezzato                             Francesco Filippi      


Lucia Gadolini (Narrator's voice of the film)

Lucia Gadolini

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