Flavia Bechara, Maher Bsaibes, Ziad Rahabani


On the day of her wedding, sixteen year old Lamia, must cross the barbed wire barrier that separates her Lebanese village from that of her cousin, which has been annexed by Israel. Between the villages, the frontier is heavily patrolled. A checkpoint, controlled by both sectors, permits wedded couples and dying persons to return to their own village. Lamia reaches the family of her future husband abandoning her younger brother, school, kite and mother...But a new and unexpected feeling is increasing deep inside.

the filmmaker


Randa Chahal Sabbag was born in Lebanon. Has filmed several documentaries on the contemporary history of his country that have been presented at the most important festivals: Pas à pas (1979), Liban survie (1981-82), Nos guerres imprudentes (1992-95). Tra i lungometraggi Écran de sable (1988-92), Les infidèles (1996-97) and Civilisées (1997-98).

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