Pasta Dioguardi, Flor Sabatella, Daniel Freire, Lorenzo Quinteros, Maria Conception César, José Maria Gutierrez, Walter Balsarini, Enrique Blugerman, Carmen Renard


A man and a woman are prisoners in a dream-like place. Together they go through the mysterious rooms and corridors of a Thirties grand hotel which has all the air of a maze. The director calls a “metaphysical thriller” this tale of a man who seems to penetrate his own head to emerge from the waves of the sea and reappear in this seemingly abandoned hotel, where he meets a series of characters who awaken in him the memory of fragments of life, of human existence and its ingredients. Does reality exist or is it the fruit of invention, of lies, of dreams, of desire? Subiela, an artist of memory and of imagination, invites us on a journey through realities that are usually distinct, through inner and outer, here and beyond, love and abandon.

the filmmaker


Born in 1944 in Buenos Aires, he first studied literature and philosophy and then cinema in La Plata. Today he is one of Argentina’s most famous directors and has received over a hundred international awards for his films: La conquista del Paraíso (1980), Hombre mirando al Sudeste (1986), Últimas imágenes del naufragio (1989), El lado oscuro del corazón (1992), No te mueras sin decirme a dónde vas (1995), Despabílate amor (1996), Pequeños Milagros (1997), Las Aventuras de Dios (2000), El lado oscuro del corazón 2 (2001).

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