Alberto Tolomelli, Mirando Otto, Thomas Aran, Teresa Saponangelo, Nadja Uhl, Angela Luce


Naples, 1956. Vittorio, age 11, lives in a shantytown of evacuees with his German mother, his father and little sister. The boy goes to school but tries to keep where he lives a secret from his schoolmates. In the meantime, he is full of dreams and Hollywood movies feed them: he is crazy about actress Susan Hayward and thinks he recognizes her in the wife of an American general for which his mother works as a maid. A friendship springs up between the boy and the woman, with Vittorio believing he is performing the important role of safeguarding his movie-star idol, increasing his desire to go to America to escape daily hardships.

the filmmaker


Born in Naples in 1959 Sandro Dionisio is a screenwriter and a director. In 1998 he directed the documentary Il mare di sotto. In 2000 he realized the short film I fuochi nel parco. La volpe a tre zampe is his first feature film.


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