La traversée
Florence Miailhe
France, Germany, Czech Republic
o.v. French
sbt. Italian, English
Swiss premiere
ASPI Award, Castello d'Argento, ECFA Award, Jury Fuori le Mura Award


Thursday24November11202214:00Mercato Coperto, Giubiasco


4 middle school


Dossier didattico – LA TRAVERSÉE
Presskit – La traversée

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Driven into exile by the devastation of their village, the members of a family eventually disperse. Left behind are Kyona and her younger brother Adriel, two teenagers who try to survive but also end up in the hands of human traffickers. An odyssey that repeats itself with every war, and ends up telling us about the present. It is set in a timelessness that does not abstract itself from precise and punctual references and from events that actually happened, with the aim of giving a name and a face to all those boys and girls who were and still are forced to leave everything behind to flee towards an uncertain future.

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