Liron Levo, Tomer Ruso, Uri Ran Klauzner, Yoram Attab, Guy Amir, Julian Merr, Ran Kauchinsky, Kobi Livne, Liat Glick Levo


After twenty-seven years, Amos Gitai recalls a tragic event which saw him protagonist and witness, at the age of twenty-three, of the war of Kippur. Weinraub and Rousso, two young Israelites, are enlisted in an airforce rescue team during the Arabian-Israeli conflict, which broke out on 6th October 1973, the Jewish festivity of Yom Kippur. Syria and Egypt launch a surprise attack against Israeli territories, occupying The Golan plateau and Sinai. While the two soldiers are trying to join their unit, they are involved in a gunfight: it is the chaos! Forced to run away, they take shelter in a military base and they are recruited in a medical rescue team on board of a helicopter that transfers the most seriously injured to military hospitals. The mission seems risky and desperate.

the filmmaker


Born in Haifa in 1950, he is the best-known Israeli film director. He studies to become architect, but very soon he is attracted by the cinema industry and he makes his first docu- mentary, followed by many others in the 70s-80s. In 1989 he filmed Berlin-Jerusalem, account of the journey from Germany to Israel set out by two young Jewish women who believe in Arabians and Jews living peacefully together. Other films follows, such as Golem- The Spirit of Exil (1991), Devarim (1995), Yom Yom (1998), Kadosh (1999), Kippur (2000) and Eden (2001), shown at the last Venice Film Festival.

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