Luis Burgos, Paula Paez, Carlos Hualpa

Scheda didattica

FIELDS OF AMAPOLAS (Campo di papaveri)

At 3000 meter altitude in the high planes of Colombia, cultivating poppies (Amapolas) is a dangerous but rather lucrative business.
When farmer Emilio and his nine-year old son Simon are exiled by the Paramilitaries, they find refuge at Cousin Wilson’s. There, Emilio is forced to work in an illicit Amapola crop belonging to Ramiro, a fearsome and famous drug dealer in the region. Meanwhile, Simon befriends Luisa, a beautiful and extroverted girl of his age. Together they share great adventures accompanied by Rufino, a little puppy dog Simon steals every day returning it each night. With war ever present around them, the kids’ friendship is blooming as they play in the beautiful countryside and among dangerous mine fields.

Juan Carlos Melo Guevara


Juan Carlos Melo Guevara has written, filmed, directed and edited several short films and music videos. Field of Amapolas is his first feature as director, screenwriter and producer.

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