Who can enroll?

Anyone aged between 18 (at least!) and 23, from Switzerland and abroad, and who has a keen interest in cinema in general, can enroll.

A good knowledge of Italian, French and English or at least two of these languages is required.


There are 33 places available and they are assigned in order of reception of the enrollment forms.


How to enroll?

You can enroll by filling in the online form you will find in this page.

Entry deadline June 15, 2023.


The confirmation of the enrollment will be sent by e-mail, within a few days and upon payment of the required fee.


The CHF 400.- fee will have to be paid by June 15, 2023.


*Any cancellation of participation in Cinema&Gioventù after June 15, 2023 will still entail the obligation to pay the registration fee.


Last name

Date of birth

Home address



Home or mobile phone


Upload passport photo.

Accepted formats JPG / JPEG / PNG, maximum size 5Mb


(max 512.00 MB)

Consent to the processing of personal data.

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c/o Castellinaria

Festival del cinema giovane

Via Cattori 3
CP 1239
CH-6502 Bellinzona




Sarah Simic

M. ‭+41 76 443 06 53‬



How to pay the enrollment fee?

The CHF 400.- fee will have to be paid to:


by e-banking:

Banca Raiffeisen Bellinzonese e Visagno

6501 Bellinzona

CH08 8080 8004 8691 2283 1


Festival internazionale del cinema giovane

Via Cattori 3

6500 Bellinzona



The confirmation of the enrollment  will be sent by e-mail, within a few days of receipt.