Kikuo Kawasaki
o.v. English/Hebrew/Arabic
subt. English
Swiss premiere
ASPI Award, Castello di Bronzo




4th primary school - 1st grade middle school


Scheda didattica


Kamal, a nine-year-old Arab boy, lives in Jerusalem with his grandfather, mother and sisters. His family is poor and so every day Kamal goes to the Old City to try to sell postcards. His efforts are stymied by a group of bullies and discouraged by his grandfather. David is a nine-year-old Jewish boy who lives in America with his divorcée mother. He is in Jerusalem to meet with his father, whom he hasn’t seen for years. There is no dialogue between father and son: David suffers from the fact his father is too busy working to spend time with him; his father doesn’t understand his son’s timidity and passion for his coin collection. One day, in the Old City, Kamal sets eyes on David, follows him, steals his bag and runs away. David, dismayed and alone, encounters the bullies that torment Kamal. Kamal himself saves him from them and they share an adventure that will lead them to discover the true meaning of friendship.

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