Become Friend of Castellinaria

The Castellinaria’s Friend card entitles you to:

  • a general membership card to the Festival, at the cost of CHF 50.- (instead of CHF 120.-).
  • a discount of CHF 2.- on the ticket price for the screenings of 18:15.
  • a discount on the ticket price for the screenings of the Cine-clubs of the Canton and Cinema a Castelgrande.
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Address, Nr.

CAP Location



Annual contribution
CHF 50.- for individuals
CHF 100.- for associations and companies

Rightful members of the Castellinaria Association

The City of Bellinzona

The Tourism Board for Bellinzona and environs

Any natural or legal person paying the annual membership fee set by the association.

Association organizations

Members Assembly


Presidential office


The members assembly meets at least once a year, convened by the Committee, and each time a fifth of membership requests it.

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