Biriki the little bird, Meleo the chameleon - voice Eugenia Amisano



On a gray, rainy day the little bird Biriki for the first time sees a rainbow. Enthusiastic, he flies up into the colors, in a voyage of discovery and surprises. From the earth his chameleon friend, Meleo, watches in curiosity, waiting for his return.



the filmmakers


Bruna Ferrazzini has many decades of experience as an educator and illustrator. With Biriki and the other characters she has created she takes drawing workshops and learning routes with an attentive eye to concepts of self-esteem to schools, museums and associations. Her characters feature in communication campaigns on educational and ethical themes.


Ilaria Turba works with photos, videos and animation to create art works and projects and communication events. Part of her work method is to set up workshops and participatory activities, often in specific social contexts, places and communities. She loves to work with other creative people in various fields.


The character: Biriki is a colorful little bird designed by Bruna Ferrazzini from the desire to teach children of all ages the concepts of self-esteem, tolerance and respect for differences using a playful and colorful approach.

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