Frederike Migom
Belgium / The Netherlands
o.v. Dutch, French, English
Italian overvoice
Swiss premiere
Castello di Bronzo, UNICEF Award




4 - 5 primary school – 1 middle school


Binti - pressbook
scheda didattica-Binti.doc


Binti, 11, was born in Congo but has lived with her father Jovial in Belgium since she was a baby. Despite not having any legal documents, Binti wants to live a normal life, and dreams of becoming a famous vlogger like her idol Tatyana. Elias, 11, runs the 'save-the- okapi’ (an endangered quadruped) club, keeping in touch with his father who's moved to Brazil, while his mother accepts the courtship of a neighbor that Elias doesn’t like. When the neighbor invites the mother on a romantic trip to Paris, Elias runs away to his tree-house. There, he will cross paths with Binti and her father, fleeing the police who want to deport them. Binti sees in that encounter the perfect solution to all her problems. If she can make her dad fall in love with Elias' mom, they will be able to stay in Belgium.

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