Gianluca Grossi, the first to inform the pu­blic about Hussam Al Khouly, the Palestinian fireman wounded in his legs during a rescue operation, in the documentary “Gaza: Free to Die”, followed and filmed him during his entire sojourn in Canton Ticino and after his return to Gaza. The result was the documentary 44 giorni (44 Days), a title that sums up what protagonist Hussam called the finest time of his life. An hour-long film telling the story of a man whom war deprived not only of a leg but also of hope and the will to live.
The documentary reconstructs the most meaningful moments of Hussam’s stay in Switzerland and dwells on the extraordinary feelings that the discovery of freedom, fully experienced for the first time, aroused in Hussam and his brother Nabil, who accompanied him. The documentary, based on direct testimonies, is not only an enthralling story of an unusual personal event, but also a totally up-to-date reflection on fellowship and its values.

The filmmaker


Gianluca Grossi, a freelance reporter, is the voice and face of the Middle East in Italian Switzerland. His work is known mostly through television programs.

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