Marian Quinn
o.v. English
subt. Italian/English
Swiss premiere




4th grade middle school



A story set in that time of a girl’s life when she’s no longer a child and not yet a woman.

Dublin, 1979. Maeve, age 13, gets up to go to parochial school and puts on her very first bra. It’s almost a rite of passage, the passage from childhood to adolescence. Her best friends, Ruth and Orla, already wear them. Claire no, she’s a feminist!

On her way to school Maeve feels like a young woman! At the bus stop she chats with friends about bra sized and boyfriends! But no one imagines that Maeve will attract the neighborhood heartthrobs. She’s so caught up in this that, when necessary, she dumps her girlfriends and sneaks off to a disco. After letting her parents down, too, with her lies, she realizes what she’s losing. On the day she turns 14 – a little bit older and wiser – she finds her friends and family again…

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